I am an avid collector of stamps. My father introduced me to this hobby when I was a child as he handed his col- lection over to me. I collected 'used' stamps but the passion to collect stamps faded over time. Nearly two years ago while browsing through ebay I found several sellers selling those same stamps in 'mint' condition. This reigni-ted my passion for collecting stamps and this time I started with the mint ones. This collection has literally put 
a hole in my pocket, lol. My themes include India, Bangladesh, Joint Issues related to India, Comics and Fables. I have made a recent inclusion of a particular theme namely, 'Unique, Unusual and Odd' stamps to my collection. I collect only MNH stamps. There is a 'Exchange and Swap' section for fellow philatelists where I have listed my ex- cess and out-of-theme (as compared to my need) stamps with the hope of receiving some good exchange offers.

P.S: I do not sell stamps (I do buy MNH stamps though, if offered at a reasonable price).

Here, I have arranged my entire collection in accordance to the following themes: